July 8 2008 Anime Broadcasts

Looking for anime to watch on TV? Here’s the list of anime coming on U.S. and Canadian stations for July 8 2008:

All times U.S. Eastern time 

 Tuesday, July 8, 2008

  01:30AM  TOONL       Naruto
  02:00AM  TOONL       Dragonball
  02:30AM  TOONDISNEY  Digimon "Kurata’s Revenge"
           TOONDS      Digimon "Kurata’s Revenge"
  02:45AM  IFC         Speed Grapher "Fates and Fists"
  03:00AM  TOONL       One Piece
  03:30AM  TOONL       Rave Master
  04:00AM  TOONDISNEY  Shinzo "Clash of the Hyper Warriors"
           TOONDS      Shinzo "Clash of the Hyper Warriors"
  05:20AM  ENCR6       Samurai Deeper Kyo "The Duel at Hibiya Bay"
  05:30AM  TOON        Inuyasha "Don’t Boil It! The Terrifying Dried-Up Demon"
  06:00AM  TOON        Transformers Animated "The Thrill of the Hunt"
  06:30AM  BOOML       Hello Kitty
           TOON        Pokemon
           TOONDISNEY  Digimon "Give a Little Bit"
           TOONDS      Digimon "Give a Little Bit"
  08:20AM  STRZ5       Paprika
  02:30PM  TOONL       Dragonball Z
  04:10PM  ENCR5       Akira
  04:30PM  TOONL       Naruto
  05:00PM  TOONL       Dragonball Z
  08:30PM  TOONL       Dragonball Z
  10:30PM  BOOM        Voltron "Magnetic Attraction"


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