June 23 2008 Anime Broadcasts

Looking for anime to watch on TV? Here's the list of anime coming on U.S. and Canadian stations for June 23 2008:

Looking for anime to watch on TV? Here’s the list of anime coming on U.S. and Canadian stations for June 23 2008:

All times U.S. Eastern time 

Monday, June 23, 2008

  01:30AM  TOONDISNEY  Digimon "Zoe’s Unbelievable Adventure"
           TOONDS      Digimon "Zoe’s Unbelievable Adventure"

02:30AM  TOONDISNEY  Oban Star-Racers "Revelations"
           TOONDS      Oban Star-Racers "Revelations"

  05:00AM  TOON        Inuyasha "Kagome, Miroku and Sango: Desperate Situation"
  05:30AM  TOON        Inuyasha "Inuyasha Shows His Tears for the First Time"
  06:00AM  TOON        Transformers Animated "Black Friday"

  06:30AM  BOOML       Hello Kitty
           TOON        Transformers Animated "Survival of the Fittest"
           TOONDISNEY  Digimon "Jeri’s Quest"
           TOONDS      Digimon "Jeri’s Quest"

  07:00AM  TOON        Pokemon "Wired for Battle!"

  07:30AM  TELETOON    Bakugan "No Guts No Glory"
           TOON        Pokemon

  08:00AM  TOON        Bakugan "No Guts No Glory"
           YTV         Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl "A Secret Sphere of Influence"

  09:15AM  ENC ACTION  Gokusen "Shin Drops Out of School"
  01:00PM  NIKTON      Speed Racer: The Next Generation "The Note"
  02:30PM  TOONL       Dragonball Z
  03:30PM  YTV         Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl "Dawn of a New Era"
  04:30PM  TOONL       Naruto
  05:00PM  TOONL       Dragonball Z

  08:30PM  IFC         Speed Grapher "Audit the Wicked"
           TOONL       Dragonball Z

  09:00PM  SC2         Noein "Dimension of Tears"
           TOONL       Naruto

  09:25PM  SC2         Tactics "The 9:07 PM Ghost Train"

  09:30PM  TOONDISNEY  Digimon "The Final Bio-Hybrid Battle!"
           TOONDS      Digimon "The Final Bio-Hybrid Battle!"

  10:00PM  RAZER       Shin Chan "Damn You, Telepathy!"
  10:13PM  SC2         Street Fighter II V "Appearance of the Secret Technique"

  10:30PM  BOOM        Voltron "Zakron Is Dying"
           RAZER       Shin Chan "Your IQ’s Like 5, Right?"
           TOON        Naruto "Pure Betrayal and a Fleeting Plea"

  11:00PM  SCIFI       Kai Doh Maru


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