Jiro Wang and Danson Tang Friendship

Even though Taiwan Idols Jiro Wang and Danson Tang has been rumored to be in a relationship, and then rivals, but the two of them are actually really good friends. Earlier on in an interview, they both admitted that their personalities really match because they were raised by their single mothers at a very young age.



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A HK television station has bought the rights to air Rolling Love in August, and will invite the two biggest idols in Taiwan, Jiro Wang and Danson Tang, to come promote it in Hong Kong next month. Although there were rumors circulating that the two has become in a conflict because of the image size difference on the poster of Rolling Love, but Danson who has a smaller size in the poster says that he doesn’t mind.
“The poster is probably organized by age and experience, Jiro is the oldest, and he’s been in the industry the longest, so I don’t have any problems with this whole thing.”
And Jiro says he’s been framed, “This is so exaggerated, my picture isn’t four times bigger than his! It’s only two, three times at most, ha! Actually I didn’t make the poster, so I don’t know how to respond.”
Regarding the rumors that they are in a conflict, the two of them find it a joke, because they are really good friends.
Jiro says, “We would make plans to eat and go shopping whenever we have time, plus our backgrounds are really similar, we both love our mothers the most, so we get along really well.” Danson says that whenever he sees that Jiro is unhappy, he would send a five word text message for him, “It is ‘Brother I will support you’! I think this phrase is really encouraging.”
Don’t Mind Dating Fans

The two that says they know each other really well does not mind dating their fans, “If it is the one, their profession and status does not matter, as long as the feel is right!” And the two has been met with some crazy fans, Danson has his hand injured because four, five people roughly grabbed his hand at the same time when he was in Thailand.

As for Jiro, his butt was touched. “I don’t even know if it’s a male or female, I am just shocked!”

And then he smiles and says that Hong Kong’s fans are really athletic, “There’s a lot of security everytime I come out of the airport, but the fans can always get pass them, very amazing!”

As to the leaked photo with Xiao Xun having their faces touching, Jiro says that
they’re just good friends.

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