Jiro Wang and Danson Tang Rolling Love in Hong Kong

GTV idol drama [Rolling Love]’s ratings are not as expected, however both male leads, Jiro Wang and Danson Tang went to Hong Kong yesterday to promote for this drama, and they have irresistible popularities.

dansontang_jirowang_101.jpgDespite the big rain yesterday, more than 300 fans went to the airport in the morning in order to catch a glimpse of their idol, Jiro Wang, causing the airport’s orderly manner to be chaotic.

Fearing that the fans may lose control, staff members prevent Da Dong from coming closer to the fans. Danson Tang, who arrived in HK one day earlier than Jiro Wang kept answering the same question in order to clear the rumours of them not being on good terms.

Jiro Wang and Danson Tang appeared at HK’s TV event to promote Rolling Love yesterday . When both of them appeared, the screams of thousands of fans could be heard.
Even the mall was packed with many people, and fans surrounded the railings to watch them.

HK magazines discovered that their relationship had changed, from rumours of “brokeback” to them on bad terms. Danson has already jumped out to clarify, staff members even want them to use their actions to stop the rumours of them not liking each other.
However, didn’t they expect Jiro to create a cold joke and asked Danson to do a “snake” hand movement together, pretending to kiss. 「蛇吻」(舌吻) [Translator note: Snake kiss 蛇吻 and kissing with tongue action 舌吻 are both pronounced as She wen in chinese].
Being laughed as no sincerity, both of them decided to pout their mouths and play kissing.

For this time, Rolling Love promo only stays in HK for 8 hours. Other than the event earlier, the rest of the time are meant for media interviews. Both of them will be returning to Taiwan during the evening, and Jiro will have to rush to “SuperStar Express” set to continue his filming.

source: udn
translated by piggyval@AF

Pics of Danson Tang:
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