Danson Tang and Jiro Wang are not “Lovers”

06.07.08 Danson has AS for new book, clarifies not Jiro’s "Lover"
Yesterday Danson Tang appeared at "All-New Hug Experience at City Walk" Autograph Concert Session, a few hundred fans went there to support, Danson Tang sang two songs on stage and played games with fans, winners could hug Danson Tang.

Translated by catalie@dtpalace

dansontang_106.jpg Danson Tang expressed that because he arrived a day earlier for this event, perhaps many fans didn’t know about it, he hopes that next time there is a change in schedule fans are notified quickly. Facing the love of fans, he expressed that he was very happy.

Concerning his new book "D Diao Xing Nan", Danson pointed out that includes many photos of his childhood and teenage years, and the presentation is very different to his first book, because "D Diao" hopes to let everyone know how Danson has changed, he further points out that the photos were the result of his mother searching for them all night. And everytime he releases a book, he will buy some for family and friends.

Gets hair pulled when taking photos

When asked whether he bought a copy for Jiro Wang, he pointed out that because they have been busy doing individual work he hasn’t had a chance to give him a copy.

Concerning rumours with Jiro, Danson expressed that he recently saw videos made by fans online, he laughed and said the feeling wasn’t quite right, after watching them he even got goosebumps.

He cleared the matter expressing that he and Jiro are only good friends, furthermore he laughed saying the is no way they can fulfill the fans’ wishes of them dating.

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