Jiro Wang loves beautiful lips, praising Rainie YangÂ’s mouth

Jiro Wang (Also known as Da Dong) is going to play in the new drama ‘Superstar Express’ with Rainie Yang. The filming of the new drama has official started, and Jiro who can’t stop appreciating Rainie Yang’s cute mouth shape. Da Dong says: “Just like mine!” The two of them have a good relationship together that they’re just comparing each others mouth shapes, a good warming up for the kissing scenes.

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Before making his debut, Jiro Wang was a well-known hairstylist and assistant van Lu Xiao Man, everything just by himself. Yesterday, he attended a make-up activity, mentioned that Angelina Jolie lips is the sexiest. But domestic star Ranie Yang’s thin lips were the most lovable.


Da Dong explained: “I’m not only saying this because of the drama with her, before that she was really cute.” Da Dong also said that he pays actually more attention to male lips than female lips, and mentioned Takuya Kimura lip thickness is very perfect. But compared with the other crew from Fahrenheit, Da Dong arrogantly said: “Of course mine lip shape is the best!”

Da Dong and Ranie Yang’s lip shapes and personality really match with each other. When they have a break together, the two are often laughing together. Like to talk about the opposite sex type, Ranie Yang loves boys looking: tall, shuai (means hot for Chinese), with an arm streak clearly contoured. Da Dong couldn’t let himself to stop moving his arms, just in hope to look like the perfect guy.

Da Dong also found out that his conditions are in compliance with Rainie Yang’s rules. Putting a lot effort at the partnership with Rainie Yang and showing his best side.

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