Joe Cheng and 250 fans on a boat

Joe Cheng (鄭元暢/小綜) accompanied with 250 fans enjoyed the multi-media lighting spectacular on June 15th to celebrate his upcoming birthday which will be on June 19th.

Before the fans boarded the boat, the organizer allowed the reporters for interviews and pictures, but refused to let reporters have an interview gathering. Reporters were on the boat for less than 20 minutes and were asked to leave.

During the interviews, the organizer forbids any interviews since it was still time to take pictures. Securities anxiously prohibited the reporters to go up to Joe and do interviews. Afterwards, Joe said, "Securities are used for protecting superstars!"

Before, Joe has seen the night scenery of Hong Kong from the hotel, but this was the first time he enjoyed the Victoria Harbor scenery on a boat. He praises the scenery was very pretty. "I get seasick, and I did not take medicine beforehand so if I vomit during the trip, I will pass pictures of me doing so to the reporters," said Joe.

Joe returned to Taiwan yesterday, next week he will be promoting his serial, "They Kiss Again" 《惡作劇2吻》with his partner, Ariel Lin (林依晨) in Hong Kong. His recent work is to promote his serial in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore.

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