Drunk GuiGui sticks to Arron

Drunk GuiGui sticks to Arron, Hugs each other on the streets.

Is it spitting out words from the heart after drinking, or just random words after getting drunk? Hei Se Hui Mei Mei’s GuiGui confessed to XiaoGui during the Sha qing Dinner party. Yesterday, it was also said that GuiGui got drunk and lost control of herself, therefore unable to walk properly and fell into Arron Yan’s arms. Both ended up hugging closely on the streets.

Translated by xchordsoflove- @ http://asianfanatics.net

The bubbly and cute Guigui is very well liked by everyone. Arron Yan, Xiao Gui and Lu Ting Wei are all her ‘good brothers’. It was said that she was rejected by XiaoGui after confessing to him during the dinner party. Yesterday, GuiGui denied that she confessed. Surprisingly, another information said that she was drunk that night and fell onto Arron Yan.

GuiGui informed the media through her manager that she did ended up drunk after a few glasses, but was okay again after vomiting in the toilet. The news saying that she was seen ‘falling onto Arron’ should be seen when she was playing around with him. The cast and crews usually play with each other very closely, therefore it is very normal and common for them to do so.

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