Danson Tang Reveals He Likes ELLA

Since acting in “The X-Family” and “Hana Kimi”, Danson Tang propelled to fame in Taiwan. However, not many people in China are familiar with him as he seldom visit China. During his recent visit, Danson brought his new album “Ai Wo” (Love Me) to Changsha for promotion. He was surprised to see a large crowd during the event. When interviewed at 10.30am by Chinanet, Danson was in a jovial mood and even admitted that he likes girls like ELLA. He also shared that he wishes to have 2 children after marriage.

Date: 9/4/2008
Source: chinanet
Translation credit: syyang of Baidu Ella
URL: http://news.china.com.cn/chinanet/07news/c…7&port=5757

In response to the comparison that Taiwan media likes to make between Danson Tang, Xiao Zhu Show Luo and FLH’s Wu Chun, Danson clarified that each of them is different. There is no need to make comparison, and he also dislikes being used as comparison to others.

Will Not Disclose Should He Have a Girlfriend

In earlier interviews, Danson shared that he had 5 failed relationships behind him, and is currently single and available. When prompted on which female artiste he had collaborated with to date will best suit his girlfriend criteria, Danson chose ELLA without hesitation. “She is very carefree and gracious, like a little boy. When in each other’s company, you would not feel uneasy or awkward having to keep a distance among male and female. You can just go over, put your hands over each other’s shoulder, and enjoy the comfort being with each other.” Danson added as his personality is more of an introvert; he might appear boring to people he is not close to. Therefore, he prefers girls who like to laugh, and are filial.

Danson also reveals that should he be in a romantic relationship, he would not reveal it as he would want to protect his girlfriend and their relationship from the media. “There’s too much pressure in declaring the relationship public. Both parties would have a difficult time.”

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