Jiro Wang and Danson Tang interviewed about Rolling Love

dansontang_jirowang2.jpgFrom “Rolling Love” filming to promotion, Jiro and Danson see each other a lot, how do they see each other?

I have worked with Danson a lot so we already understand each other very well. On set, sometimes because we know each other so well, it is sometimes awkward when filming and then we all laugh, but “Rolling Love” is our 5th drama together, the characters are also different, compared to previous roles, our collaboration has been even more meaningful.

Danson: Besides making each other laugh all day, I feel that he has matured, previously the characters that he plays were more active and humorous, everyone felt they were all rather stereotypical, but in “Rolling Love”, everyone can see more emotional scenes which are quite a breakthrough.

Translated by catalie @AF
Source: Asian fanatics

Concerning the beautiful girls (Genie and Xiao Xun), what are your views?

Jiro: Genie is very young, she used to be a young actress but acting alongside her, no matter whether it was acting or opinions, she is a very professional and experienced actress, very unlike her appearance.

Danson: Xiao Xun looks like she has a unique charm, but personality-wise she is quite rough, like a guy, so I like her company, there is absolutely no pressure. She won’t act like a first-grade celebrity just because she is a “Hei Se Hui Mei Mei”, she’ll even say “Please, you two are the idols.” I have seen her improvement, from the beginning when she couldn’t get into the scene, not knowing what everyone was doing, until later she gradually learnt to act and be able to let go.

Since everyone was so happy working together, is there anyone you would like to work with again?
Jiro: Actually I would really like to work with everyone again, but if I had to choose, it would be producer Ken, because as long as he is on set, you won’t feel tired no matter what.

Danson: I think it depends on the drama, if it is an interesting drama, I would prefer to work with jiro and Xiao Xun. If it was a drama with more emotional scenes, it would be Genie and Ken, because Genie is quiet, Ken can make it lively.

Was filming “Rolling Love” hard work?
Jiro: Because we filmed this drama in winter, but had to create a summery feel, my costumes were mostly singlets, really shocked me, my sweat was also cold, it completely tested my acting skills, health and patience.

Because I personally am not very good at cooking, but had to act as a genius chef, so before filming, the actions of cooking each dish had to be practised a lot, couldn’t look too clumsy, I remember those days, I had to learn to flip the wok everyday, I flipped until evening, I couldn’t lift up my hand, it would even keep flipping subconsciously. Practising with knife was the same, when I went home and watched TV, my hand kept cutting, I kept thinking about it while watching TV.

Besides being very tiring, did anything interesting happen?
Jiro: Ha… the funniest thing was probably our hair, the wind was very strong, our necklaces went flying, our clothes flew till they went “beng beng”, but our hair still didn’t move, because we used hairspray. When just looking at faces, the feeling was right, but everything else seemed like it was in a typhoon.

Danson: That’s right, other people said our heads looked like they were stuck on, it was very clever.

Well in the entire drama, what do you recommend we look out for?
Jiro: One interesting thing is my character Michelin, originally he could only cook egg fried rice, later he met Xiao Shu (acted by Genie), gradually he improved his cooking abilities, his constant improvement is worth watching.

Danson: I think that you will be at a loss if you miss an episode.

Jiro: (in Cantonese) Yes! You must watch every episode!

Before accepting this drama, what hopes did you have? Have you achieved these now?
Jiro: I hope that ratings are high. Haha… no. The best thing is that my cooking has improved. Because everyone thinks that guys who can cook will get more points. Even though in “It Started With A Kiss” my character Ah Jin was also a chef, all his energy was put into Xiang Qin, this time because lots of things I had to cook myself, and also had to compete in many competitions, I have learnt to cook many dishes.

Danson: At first I didn’t know who the female lead was, just knowing there was Jiro, I was very happy. Because we had previously discussed working properly on a drama together, and so this drama fulfilled the hope that we had discussed for a while, later knowing that there were so many great actors filming together, I was very happy.

But the ratings have not been as hoped, are you worried?
Jiro: Even though at first the ratings have not been as hoped, but I believe that ratings will improve, because we are like sugar cane, we get better as we get to the end.

Considering the other dramas have aired for a while and have definite audience, dragging everyone over from the first episode is very difficult, hopefully slowly people will realise how interesting our drama is.

Facing so much food while filming, what do you like to eat?
Jiro: I love eating my mother’s every dish, I always eat Pork Chop Noodles, sometimes when I finish work very late and want my mother to make supper for me, I will eat this.

Danson: I love eating chocolate, usually I am not fussy with food, as long as it tastes good, I will eat, just like at night markets, I love eating teppenyaki.

Now that filming has ended, has your cooking improved? Any specialty dishes?
Jiro: There has definitely been improvement, maybe not enough to compete, but definitely could open a restaurant, my specialty of course is egg fried rice, particularly pineapple prawn sauce, as well as Chicken in Three Cup Sauce, sweet sour pork chop is also okay, everyone compliments it.

Danson: Haha… previously I couldn’t cook, now simple dishes such as curry egg wrapped rice I can cook, but fancy dishes not at all. Although if judging cooking actions I would get 100%

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