Calvin Makes Cake for Dad’s 56th Birthday

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"Fahrenheit" Calvin Chen personally made a cake, wishing his father a happy 56th birthday, father son relationship breaks ice!

Source: The Liberty Times | Forever Fahrenheit
Translated by Cmiley (Please credit or link if this is posted elsewhere.)
Pictures Credit Calvin Chen

"Fahrenheit" Calvin Chen personally made a cake, wishing his father a happy 56th birthday, father son relationship breaks ice!

Spreading cream was easy, piping flowers was difficult

Calvin and his father has always had distant relationship, his father is a GM of a automotive parts company, and also a lecturer at NTUST, Calvin says his father already had a good career and continued his studies after to earn his Masters, therefore his standards are very high for his only son, young Calvin would be locked in the washroom when he was bad, when he studied at Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School, he was beaten by his father with a bamboo, "At that time I was really mad, I was that old already and continues to hit!" Stayed in Canada for 7 years for studying, my father also never once came to see him, he even thought that his father didn’t love him.
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For his father’s birthday, Calvin specially asked a business friend that has a cake shop, learning from scratch: spreading cream, piping flowers, and also specially chose his father’s favorite Taro and Red Bean, and chose many different fruit ingredients, specially made the birthday cake. For the first time making a cake, Calvin laughed "spreading cream" is simple, it’s because it’s like before you shave you put on the cream, but "piping flowers" is the most difficult, after piping a few flowers that didn’t form a flower, finally a flower was piped to look more like it, looking at the results, Calvin proudly says: "First time not familiar, second time close, do it a few more times then you’ll see it."

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Father really touched ~ Ate everything

Between Calvin and his father, the relationship has always been stubborn (Ging ¨Í¨ç¨å), bringing the cake home, he cooly "man" put on the table, an said towards his father: "This is a cake I made". His mother and sister went forward to see, the whole family all had fox eye look, not believing the cake was made by the hands of Calvin.

His father was really touched, after receving a cake hand made by his son, admitting that this was the most unforgettable birthday, Calvin says: "Can see that his father really likes it, because the morning after the birthday, didn’t eat his breakfast, continued to eat my cake.

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