Mike He and Joe ChengÂ’s Friendship has Changed

Mike He, Joe Cheng have gone through the diary storm, friendship has changed’ It is learnt that, although the two study at the same Chengwu Institute of Technology and in the same second-year tourism department, but this year the two have chosen different subjects, the start of school hours are also different, in the past Xiao Mei (Mike) takes Xiao Zhong (Joe) together to school scene is no more, since the start of of classes last week Xiao Zhong has been riding to school alone, round trip it costs about $1000 NT.

Source: China Entertainment Tabloid

After Mike finished filming “Bull Fighting” he’s getting ready for a rest, at a time with no exposure, within the industry there were even rumours that he might not be renewing his contract with his management company TVBS, wanting to find self support of own place. Yesterday Mike’s management WuZiYi fought back about these rumours: “This is to create something out of nothing, even the productions unit is calling about this matter, but Xiao Mei’s contract still has one year to go before it expires, this is nonsense.”

As for the friendship between Xiao Zhong, WuZiYi also said there’s been nothing wrong. “Earlier when the two were filming, they visited each other, at the end of last year when it was Xiao Mei’s birthday, they also celebrated together with a whole bunch of friends.” The selection of course times are different, WuZiYi says: “They didn’t go together to choose the courses, each of them will consider their own work schedule’s progress to select the best course that fits into their schedule.”

Xiao Zhong’s management EnLiZe expresses, what ever courses Xiao Zhong chooses he’s planned it out, “He’s chosen courses that he know he has assurance, for example tourism english or restaurant management, we’ve tried to choose all courses to be in the same day, that way the work scheduling will be more convenient.” From the result of choosing the courses, Joe Cheng, Ethan Ruan and Danson Tang’s school semester seeing each other would be more often, the choice of times are also the same, but the 3 are all studying separately.

Mike He originally planned to be filming a movie after the Lunar celebration, but because the script hasn’t finished amending yet, he selected to take a break. This year his wish is to buy a house, as a result at the first of New Years he received a video game spokesperson ad, earnings for property is on the track with a good start. Also his contact lense ad has also renewed the contract, in his hands there is still, sanitary napkin, jewelery, health supplements, beverages and other advertisements, and idol drama “Devil Beside You” is being broadcasted in Hunan China with good ratings, again with re-runs, his popularity on the Mainland is increasing, the Mainland businesses are waving for him as well, so this year he’ll be considering entering the Mainland for filming. [by cmiley]

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