The King and the Clown (Korean)

kingandtheclown.jpgThe King and the Clown (2005)
왕의 남자
(Wang-eui Nam-ja)
Released: 2005

Animeota Writeup:

The King and the clown is an adaptation of the 2000 Korean play titled "Yi", ("You") about Yeonsangun of Joseon, a Joseon dynasty king who falls in love with a court clown who mocks him.
There are alternative titles of this movie: The King’s Men or The King’s Man (the literal translation of the Korean title to English) and All the King’s Men (working title). In Chinese, the title is "王的男人" or "王和小丑", and in Japanese, it is known as Lee Jun Ki — Gonggil (effeminate clown)
Jeong Jin Yeong — King Yeonsan (10th King of Joseon Dynasty)
Kang Seong Yeon — Jang Noksu (Most favored Concubine of King Yeonsan)
Gam Woo Seong — Jangsaeng (best clown friend of Gonggil)

The King and the Clown is a beautiful and touching story of two clowns (Gonggil and Jangsaeng) who rise to the King’s attention because of the mocking nature towards the Royal Court and the concubines during their shows.  Its set in the early 16th century during the rein of King Yeonsan.

They are invited to the court to perform where they both enjoy the attention and are scared to death of what may happen to them because of their performances.

After a time, they notice the increasing madness and feelings of inadequacy of the King. Jangsaeng wants to the leave as quickly as possible, but Gonggil —  who is rather beautiful and androdynous — starts to sympathize with the King.

The King falls for the "effeminate" Gonggil, whom he calls to his private chambers often for puppet shows. Jangsaeng becomes jealous of this time alone.

As the discontent with the King grows, Jangsaeng repeatedly tries to get them to leave but he’s not leaving without Gonggil. While trying to solve this issue, they come under the attention of  the King’s jealous concubine; particularly the time he’s spending with the beautiful Gonggil.

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