Fruits Basket! Cute and funny! + clip!

[b]Fruits Basket! Cute and funny! [/b] I saw one of the funniest episodes of Fruits Basket today. Episode 6 is where Honda-sanÂ’s two friends, Uo-chan and Hana-chan, come to the house to have a sleepover. For those who donÂ’t know, Fruits Basket revolves around at least 3 characters – Kyou, Yuki and Shigure — all of them cursed by the vengeful spirits of the Jyuuinishi. What happens is that their bodies transform to a cat, mouse, and dog when they are “huggled” by members of the opposite sex. Many things happen to cause the three guys to transform into their animal-selves! And theyÂ’re scrambling around trying to hide their cursed forms from the two visiting friends. One of the girls is psychic so you would have thought she would have figured it out. But maybe she has and just hasnÂ’t said anything about it yet?  ItÂ’s a trip! ItÂ’s also an incredibly popular series as well. Anyway, I seriously look forward to seeing more episodes of this series. ItÂ’s very comedic and silly, but it can get very touching at certain spots. What do you think? Discuss it here! -Anime|ota

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