Sad Episode of Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de

Sad Episode of Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de I saw one of the saddest episodes of the series last night. Episode 7, The Night the Nue Cried is an emotional ep. focusing on the friendship between Yorihisa (one of the chosen) and the Nue. The Nue is a forest creature which has existed since the dawn of time; long before humans. A young Yorihisa is from a very prestigious family and he’s been told tales of the Nue. To prove himself, he gets the notion of going into the forbidden forest and slaying the Nue. [img][/img] What he finds, instead, is a very powerful but merciful and rather beautiful Nue in the form of a creature resembling a man with long, white beautiful hair and yellow eyes. Their “friendship” starts out antagonistic as Yorihisa tries hard to best the Nue. He never succeeds. As time passes, he and his family moves away. However, they are flung back into each other’s lives when the Nue is captured by the evil demon of the series (the evil demon guy with blonde hair who wears the mask), who puts a curse on him. [img][/img] He is controlling the Nue by sticking a bunch of long painful needles throughout his body. The purpose is the use the Nue to do his evil bidding. The Nue, an incredibly proud (arrogant) being, would never want to live like this. The Nue snatches the Miko ( a girl named Akane). This forces Yorihisa to protect her by going after the Nue. At the end, he asks Yorihisa to kill him before he does something unspeakable to someone because of the way he’s being controlled by the evil demon guy. And he does. It was just…sad. I almost cried. Seriously. [img][/img] What do you think? Discuss it here!

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