Maou no Amai Keiyaku

av2_sweetcontractdemonkingMaou no Amai Keiyaku
The Sweet Contract of the Demon King

Genre: yaoi, mature, 18+

Author: Hayate Kuku

Online Info:
Keita, a highschool student, witnessed a kiss scene between Shin, his close friend and Megumi senpai, a repeating student in his class. Although senpai is cute, he’s a guy… Looking at his best friend whom he’s proud because of his good looks, being changed completely, Keita’s feelings get confused.

Includes two other stories:
Oishii Hito

After Asami leaves work, his first stop on the way home is the ramen shop “Tsubaki,” owned by a gorgeous ramen-maker. Called the “Ramen God”, by this regular customer, this mysterious male always seems to serve the delicious ramen with a smile on his face. But what happens when Asami’s chest starts to tighten?

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