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Watching Saint Seiya = Awesomeness lol! 4291
Chihayafuru manga to become an anime 7511
Durarara on Adult Swim in June 2011 3827
Top 20 Highest Selling Manga May9 to 15 2858
Kaiji Sequel Replaces Scene 2609
Suite Precure 1 to 7 links 2624
Asylum Session DVD out April 26 2537
Kiss no Mukou and Exclusive Love Contract updated info 2656
Supernatural anime on BluRay but not TV? 2534
Mix Mix Chocolate and Binetsu Shuukan links added 2601
Koisuru Boukun links added 2447
Creator of YuGiOh sues 4Kids Ent for Fraud animeota 2370
Astarotte's Toy Simulcast on Crunchyroll April 10 2011 2325
Madoka Magica postponed? Not postponed? What gives? 1463
New links: Ballad of a Shinigami 1800
Site Updates: Improved Info Center, Registration Working 1670
Welcome back to ANIMEOTA 1632
Hyakujitsu no Bara Trailer 2423
Ai no Kusabi 2009 remake 4523
New anime releases March 2009 3799
Animerica: Demon warriors snapped photos of ninjas 1592
Sapp to fight Anime Character Mantaro 1729
New links: Junjou Romantica 2698
Naruto 3rd Movie on Cartoon Network 1642
50+ Sousei no Aquarion screenshots! 2186
Watch online: Crystal Blaze 6-10 1980
50 New Nightwalker Screenshots 1843
No more Toonami 1593
Dojinshi fans invade Akihabara on the final day of COMIKE KNDY | J!-ENT 1715
Otakon convention 1511
New links: Antique Bakery 1655
Jeon Ji-hyeon in Blood The Last Vampire Live Action 2521
Cowboy Bebop Live-action in the Works? 1393
RightStuf to Show Emma, Maria at Anime Expo 1342
ImaginAsian Gets Final Fantasy VII, Cowboy Bebop 1291
Animage Original magazine for older fans; PiQ folds 1440
Death Note Live-action Draws 65,000 in U.S. theaters 1285
KINOKUNIYA Lolita and Main Fashion day activeAnime 1762
Japan Cartoonist Award Winners Announced 1339
PRESS RELEASE: Takii 6 NintenDecision 2008 Administrator 1554
Aquarion DVD March 11 Administrator 1617
Detective Conan Movie Trailer Administrator 1920
Pacific University: New Anime Club Administrator 1351
Comcast Upsets Asian Americans after Plans to Shut down AZN Administrator 1390
Goodbye Newtype USA, Hello PiQ? Administrator 1451
American Mangaka wins International Manga Competition Administrator 2031
More Anime Choices from Anime Network? Heck Yeah! Administrator 1242
Death Note UK Debut Administrator 1598
Tekkon Kinkreet Writeup at TheVistaOnline Administrator 1394
Manganovel.com Offers Electronic Manga Administrator 1593