Maou no Amai Keiyaku


av2_sweetcontractdemonkingMaou no Amai Keiyaku
The Sweet Contract of the Demon King

Genre: yaoi, mature, 18+

Author: Hayate Kuku

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Keita, a highschool student, witnessed a kiss scene between Shin, his close friend and Megumi senpai, a repeating student in his class. Although senpai is cute, he’s a guy… Looking at his best friend whom he’s proud because of his good looks, being changed completely, Keita’s feelings get confused.

Can’t Lose You


av2_cantloseyou.jpgCan’t Lose You
세상과도 바꿀 수 없어!
Main: Lida
Genre: shoujo, romance, action
Release: 2006

Author: Wann

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Lida Yoo has it all: she’s rich, pretty, and on top of that, the heiress of the Yoorim Group. Of course, it’s typical that just when life seems perfect, something goes wrong.

Through her charm and beauty, Lida is trying to steal the heart of Gaon, a handsome young man that has the same powerful familial background as she does. 

20th Century Boys


av2_20thcenturyboys.jpg20th Century Boys
20 Seiki Shonen (Japanese)


(20世紀少年 Nijyusseiki Shōnen) is a science fiction mystery manga created by Naoki Urasawa

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Growing older is pretty rough and Kenji is finding out just how hard it can be as life starts wearing down on him. On top of trying to make ends meet running a convenience store he has to care for the niece that his missing sister left in his care. Memories of youth make it easier, until those memories come back to haunt him.



Yamada Tarou

Yamada Tarou Yamada Tarou manga info.
Genre: Comedy, shojo


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With their father going away for an extended time without any warnings whatsoever, the Yamadas have to get by on their own, and Tarou, the eldest son, carries the biggest burden of all: supporting their large family.

Watashi no Megane-kun

Watashi no Megane-kun

Watashi no Megane-kun Watashi no Megane-kun manga info.
Genres: Romance, Shoujo, Obsession


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Love can be obsessive. Like wanting to rip the wings off a butterfly.

Chokuo has been in love with Taichiro for a long time. Taichiro and Chokuo have known each other since childhood. At one point, Taichiro became very candid and told Chokuo that he hated her so much that he wanted to kill her.


Togari manga info
Genres: Action, Mature, Supernatural

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In Hell Tobe has been tortured for 300 years now and his spirit to be free doesn’t show any signs of fading. So Tobe is given a final chance to make up for all his sins he committed while alive on Earth. He must use the legendary sword, Togari, to defeat and destroy a 108 Sins in 108 days.

Tenshi Ja Nai

Tenshi Ja Nai ! Tenshi Ja Nai
Main: Hikaru
Genres: Shoujo, Cross-dressing, Gender bender, Romance

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In the play of life, all Hikaru Takabayashi wanted was to be part of the scenery. Tormented by jealous schoolmates ever since she appeared in a famous commercial in grade-school, Hikaru transfers to a prestigious all-girls’ academy where she hopes to settle down to a quiet life of anonymity.

Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk Slam Dunk manga info
Genres: Comedy, Shounen, Sports

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Slam Dunk (スラムダンク suramudanku) is a 31-volume Japanese manga series written by Takehiko Inoue about a basketball team from Shohoku (Shōhoku) High School. It has sold over 100 million copies in Japan alone.

Sennen no Yuki

Sennen no Yuki Sennen no Yuki manga info.
(A Thousand Years of Snow) Also known as Millennium Snow
Main: Chiyuki, Touya
Genres: Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural


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Chiyuki is a high school student living with a heart disease that threatens to take her life at any moment. One night, she meets Touya, a vampire with the opposite problem; he will live for about a thousand years.