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Yaoi for Amazon’s Kindle ebook reader

av2_incubusmaster02Outstanding. For those of you who still may not know, according to Amazon’s website, you can in fact purchase yaoi ebooks for their Kindle ebook reader at their website.

The have such titles as the web favorite Incubus Master series along with titles like Winter Demon Zero, Caged Slave, Stallion, and the Saihoshi: Redemption series.

Those lucky enough to have a Kindle can buy the manga ebooks for as cheap as 99cents! Some, like some of the Incubus series mangas are as cheap as $2.99.


New link: Ten ni Todoku Shiro

av2_tennitodokushiroNew link to chapts 1 and 2 of the yaoi manga Ten ni Todoku Shiro has been added to the list!

Ten ni Todoku tells the story of how things change when childhood friends’ relationships evolve into something more than just friendship.