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Shounen-ai/yaoi Manga

Romantist Egoist

av2_romantistegoistRomantist Egoist
Egoistic Romance

Genre: yaoi, romance, mature, 18+
Main: Misaki, Matou

Author: Sakia Higa, Hisaki Akama

Matou’s lover, Misaki, suddenly shows up after a month’s absence. While Matou tries to discern what he’s been up to for a month, Misaki’s more interested in catching up on the more perverted side of their relationship.

Shounen-ai/yaoi Manga

Ai no Kotoba mo Shiranaide

av2_ainokotobamoshiranaideAi no Kotoba mo Shiranaide
Ai no Kotoba mo Shiranai de
I Don’t Even Know the Word of Love

Main: Keigo, Gunji
Genre: yaoi, romance, comedy, mature, 18+
Released: 2008

Scanlator: Fantasyshrine

Author: Rie Honjou

Online Info:

Follow-up story to Konna Otoko wa Aisareru.

Kojima, the Vice President of the Student Body, always strives to be on the #1 spot in school. He normally gets along with the carefree Kurata… until one day Kojima snaps and forces Kurata to have sex with him.



Togari manga info
Genres: Action, Mature, Supernatural

Online info:
In Hell Tobe has been tortured for 300 years now and his spirit to be free doesn’t show any signs of fading. So Tobe is given a final chance to make up for all his sins he committed while alive on Earth. He must use the legendary sword, Togari, to defeat and destroy a 108 Sins in 108 days.