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Jiro Wang and Danson Tang Friendship

Even though Taiwan Idols Jiro Wang and Danson Tang has been rumored to be in a relationship, and then rivals, but the two of them are actually really good friends. Earlier on in an interview, they both admitted that their personalities really match because they were raised by their single mothers at a very young age.

Asian Idolicious News

Jiro Wang and Danson Tang interviewed about Rolling Love

dansontang_jirowang2.jpgFrom “Rolling Love” filming to promotion, Jiro and Danson see each other a lot, how do they see each other?

I have worked with Danson a lot so we already understand each other very well. On set, sometimes because we know each other so well, it is sometimes awkward when filming and then we all laugh, but “Rolling Love” is our 5th drama together, the characters are also different, compared to previous roles, our collaboration has been even more meaningful.

Danson: Besides making each other laugh all day, I feel that he has matured, previously the characters that he plays were more active and humorous, everyone felt they were all rather stereotypical, but in “Rolling Love”, everyone can see more emotional scenes which are quite a breakthrough.