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Honne de Aishite


Honne de Aishiteホンネで愛して-NATURALMain: Sakamaki, KuriharaGenre: shounen-ai, mature, romanceReleased: 1998 Author: Marino Nomo Scanlator: Art of Life Online info: Not long after Sakamaki transferred, he fell in love with well behaved student body president Kurihara. One day he got the courage…
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Specter Specter
Genre: shounen-ai / BL

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Katsuya’s life is turned upside down when he contracts a strange blood disease. On one side, a doctor that’s an old friend tells him to seek treatment immediately — but then a strange man appears and tells him that the doctor will kill him. Who’s telling the truth, and what exactly is this "Specter" he’s infected with? And what could it possibly have to do with his dead father?