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Joe Cheng Makes Funny Pic

Lately [Xiao Zhong] Zheng Yuan Chang has been busy filming [Honey and Clover] day and night, each day he only gets to sleep for about 3 hours. Yesterday the reporter saw him coming out from his house early in morning to go to work. Maybe because he’s not fully awake yet, so that is why he [twitched his mouth and eyes askew] like he was in a daze.

Asian Idolicious News

Joe Cheng, flowery print shirt is stylish not girlie

After last year’s diary incident, it has made Zheng Yuan Chang’s sexual preference be questioned, and also made the straightforward him to learn to keep his distance with the media. But, when the new series Honey and Clover that requires Zheng Yuan Chang as [the man who wears flowery print clothes], he immediately accepted it. Is he not afraid of being called [girlie]? He laughed and said: [I will show everyone how manly a guy can be while wearing the flowery print clothing, just wait and see.]